Virtual Food Drives 2020

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The LA Regional Food Bank is working hard to meet the needs of those impacted by the Coronavirus, as well as individuals who typically need our assistance.

The Coronavirus is disproportionately impacting lower-income communities. School closures, changes in work schedules and social isolation are layering extra burdens on our neighbors throughout Los Angeles County.

Your gift today is vital to distributing healthy food for hungry neighbors in Los Angeles County. 97% of revenues go directly to our programs providing food for children, hardworking families, struggling seniors and more.

Every $1 donated allows the Food Bank to distribute the equivalent of four meals through their agency network or Food Bank programs. Plus, our contributions save the Food Bank time and resources incurred through traditional Food Drives.

A separate virtual drive is being run through the A&VFX Alliance of BC to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank recently issued an urgent call for donations to continue providing services to those facing food insecurity in the region. The GVFB relies solely on donations from the public, businesses and granting foundations so they can support those in need in the Greater Vancouver region.

The virtual drive will consist of monetary donations, and donated dollars go much farther than donated food, because of the buying power. For every $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can purchase around $3 of healthy, nutritious food.


If you would like to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, please follow the link below:

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