Virtual Food Drive 2018

Boltrachos/Bolted4Life/Thunder Alley

***Help us Feed Others***

Boltrachos and Bolted 4 Life in collaboration with iHeart Media and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank need your help! This virtual food drive will bring ALL of us together as ONE as we WORK TOGETHER in raising funds for our via virtual food drive for the charity of our choice, which we chose: The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Let's help each other make this Thanksgiving Day and holiday season a festive occasion for families in need. Your donation will help us reach our goal of feeding more than 250 families.   

As you know, Boltrachos and Bolted 4 Life will be hosting the game on Sunday, November 18th, 2018, when our Chargers TAKE ON the Denver Broncos. This is definitely a game you don't want to miss and a charity that we ask you to please take part in and remember those who may not be as fortunate as us to have a hot meal served or a meal at all.  

** Keep this in mind: for every $1.00 donated this allows the food bank to distribute the equivalent of 4 meals. Just imagine what $20 dollars can do.

SO please JOIN US in helping hungry children, families and seniors in our community by filling up OUR BOLT shopping cart! Your donations/contributions to our charity of choice Los Angeles Regional Food Bank will help so many especially with the holidays approaching. Lets' put a smile on someone's face today and for all the other days to come.

IF you can't donate via virtual, Boltrachos and Bolted for Life admins will be accepting cash donations and gifts cards to local food markets such as Ralphs, Albertsons, Food4Less, Vons to name a few for ideas. If you like to donate CANNED GOODS, please contact Manny Munoz/Guillermo Sandoval and Che Lindley Cook/Rodney W. Black II.

On behalf of the entire Boltrachos Family and Bolted 4 Life Famo,

WE thank you ALL. BOLT UP ~ BOLT LOVE ~ BOLT Family. 


Remember, $1 = 4 meals


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Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

1734 East 41st Street
Los Angeles, California 90058